Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogger Christmas Gift Swap 2014

Thanks to Leigh and Lindsay for hosting a fun blogger gift swap. They've been doing it for a few years, but this was the first year I participated. I was paired with the athletic and inspiring Leana. Her gift to me arrived nice and timely, and Canada Post took their sweet time with delivering my gift to her. Thankfully it arrived safely!

Leana sent me this adorable felt owl ornament whooo looks really handsome on my tree. (Did you notice my super cool pun there? ;)

How did she know I needed a new lip balm? I had literally thrown mine out a day before receiving my gift! Cake batter? Yes, please!

She also sent this Alberta-made soap which is candy cane scented!

Thanks so much for your gift, Leana. I loved it! :)

Are you involved in any gift swap this year?

Any Secret Santa? I am this year and I managed to keep it a secret from my Secret Santa! ;)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Some December Confessions

Whoa, it's less than a week until my absolute favourite day of the entire year. Christmas Eve. This year we're going to Church for Christmas Eve for a candle-lit service with Christmas carols. I have a little My First Christmas sleeper set for Tate to wear and then we'll come back here for the night. I already called watching Home Alone, it's just not the Christmas season if I don't watch Home Alone. Anyone else need to watch that movie every year?

How about some confessions? It's kinda fun every so often, eh?

1. Another movie I need to watch every year is The Holiday. LOVE that movie. I actually got 3/4 of the way through it the other night and then the volume RANDOMLY started creeping up (with the volume scale on the screen) up to 63. 63!! Talk about loud with a sleeping baby a few rooms away. I was obviously freaked out, but then I realized it's definitely from the said sleeping baby that plays with the remote and throws it all over the place. Ha! It wouldn't decrease in volume so I went to bed. Sorry for the long story! ;)

2. I haven't been running basically since August due to an injury and I have decided to take most of the winter off just to give it some extra time to heal up for the spring. I kinda am enjoying the stress-free part of not running. No pressure to get out there before the crack of dawn to get my run in. I have honestly been loving group fitness classes and working on strength. I know I'll be right back into running in the Spring, but for now I am 100% enjoying BodyPump, spin class and strength work!


3. Being a Mom so far has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I seriously love my days with little T, and to honest, it's been pretty A-OK for the most part. I had my hardest day with him last Saturday because he was teething wicked bad and didn't nap (except for one 1-hour nap) and it was an all around crabby day. Not gonna lie, I was pretty stressed out. It likely didn't help that he was up at 3:52 with tooth pain either! #teethingsucks
Well, he's pretty cute;)

4. I think I prefer pre-lit artificial trees more than the real thing. We got our tree last weekend and decorated it a few nights ago. Three boxes of mini lights wouldn't do our tree, and all the stores are sold out of mini's so our tree is sparsely lit ha! No judging if you see our tree;) Next year the fallen pine needles won't be as big of a deal, but for now my little 10 month old is loving them.

I have to admit that I love the smell of the real deal! :)

5. Tate and I will be solo for Christmas Eve day and I want to make it special for his first one. We'll be meeting Kenny at Church in the evening, but I'm brainstorming ideas for the daytime. I know he's too little to know anything, but I'd like to make it a fun day. I'm thinking a Starbucks drink (for me) and avoiding shopping centres at all cost ha! What should we do?!

I'm signing off, hope you have a great weekend, and if you have any Christmas shopping left to do that you can get it done;) Have a good one!

Do you have any last minute shopping left to do?
What are your Christmas Eve plans?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Keeping It Simple During The Christmas Season

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of year, it just beats Thanksgiving weekend ;) I love it all...the music, the lights, the red cups, the hustle 'n' bustle, gifts, food, parties, etc. It's a magical time of year, that's for sure. 
Candy Cane Hot Chocolate for the win:

One thing that can easily happen and does happen (at least to me) is overspending. This year I am really, really trying to keep it minimal and not go overboard on the $$. I really enjoy buying gifts for people though and I have a lot of fun picking up items for close friends and family. 

Some things I've been trying to do this year have been:
  • Sticking to my list of people. We draw names in Kenny's family so I was able to really focus on one person and then beyond that I have about 7 people to buy for. Having a list of people helped to keep me organized.
  • Make a rough list of potential gifts for people. I jotted down some ideas I had in mind for each person on my list. This kind of helped me to stay on budget and I had fun coming up with ideas for everyone. I have this thing where I love crossing things off my list. I need a paper list, too. None of this electronic list business! Paper notes ha!
  • Getting deals/sales. I took advantage of Black Friday deals and good deals at different stores. Check those flyers for some advanced notice on the deals. If you can get something on your list for 50% off, then all the power to you! 
  • Post Christmas Deals for next year. Last year at Target I got some wrapping paper, a tree stand and some cute decorations all at 90% off. This year I pulled them out of storage for some use. 
We got our Christmas tree yesterday! Sadie, Maggie & Tate all love the tree and Sadie has taken it upon herself to use the bottom branches as sticks.
Some weekend snapshots:
Hope you have a good Monday and thanks for stopping in this morning!

Do you have any tips for keeping the Christmas spending at a minimum?

Did you get your tree yet? I feel like we're a little late haha!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Enjoy the Little Things

Happy Friday! I have a light and fluffy post for you today, but it's a topic that I think is important to think about every so often. 

Enjoy the little things. The quote I'm thinking of continues with "...for one day you'll realize they were the big things" It has stuck with me since I read it ages ago.

I thought I'd compile a list of the little things. It's kind of fun to sit down and think of all the small things you do now that will add up later on.

Let's see...

  • Waking up before everyone {even the animals} and making a coffee...and drinking it while it's still dark outside ( win. I tried 4 times for a coffee pic, but it placed it everywhere but here haha!)
  • Going in to get little T in the morning with his little arms reaching for me (not pictured below)
(Mornings with Tate are actually one of my favourite things)

  • Catching up on our shows with Kenny
  • Random little trips the three of us take
Pizza in Lunenburg
  • Coffee dates/dinner dates with friends
  • Travelling. We're trying to think of a trip to go on next year!

  • Races. I love races and will likely always be happy I did them!
There's a bunch of links on the side bar if you're in the mood to read some recaps ;)
  • Cozy days in from a storm
Speaking of getting Tate out of bed, I hear him now! Hope you guys have an awesome Friday and weekend! Be festive ;)
What are some of your little things in life?
Weekend Plans?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #37 of 2014

This week flew by! I love doing up these Thursday Thoughts posts and I hope you enjoy them too. They are most definitely very random ;)

Let's get to them...

1. We are having a crazy wind and rain storm. Our garbage container blew away yesterday even with heavy garbage bags in it! I find wind storms to be cozy when I'm inside and warm!
I like hanging out with this monkey inside! ;)

2. Pinterest is my main go-to for recipes, and most recipes take me to delicious cooking + baking blogs. I dunno about you, but it has become one of my pet peeves how people take 622 photos of the same thing before you get to the actual recipe. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but you know what I mean. Right? Don't get me wrong, they are nice photos, just one too many ;)

3. Homeland. OMG. Intense, intense, intense. That's all I will say about that.

4. "that's all I'll say about that" is what one of the instructors at my gym always says after she explains something to do with the workout. Now it's getting stuck in my head ha!

5. Tate and Daddy dates kill me. They are the cutest things ever. I always get a few photos via text when they go on a little date together. Usually their dates are either to Wal-Mart, Target or Costco. :)
playing at home
6. We were supposed to get our Christmas tree last Saturday from a tree farm, but it was raining, and then it's been raining almost every day that we went to get a tree. Now it's on our agenda for Friday as well as a Santa visit for Tate! Pretty exciting!

While we were out going for a tree on Saturday we went to a new to us pizza shop down on the South Shore (Big Reds) and T was a HUGE fan of their delicious, homemade bread.

7. I follow a few "NYC pinners" on Pinterest and they have been posting a ton of NYC at Christmas time pins. Oh boy, have you ever been to NYC at Christmas? It is truly a magical place. I actually mentioned it to Kenny that we should go next Christmas for a few days before the 25th. I think everyone should visit Manhattan during the Holidays!
8. Christmas Carols. Love 'em. If it was socially acceptable, I'd start listening to them in October. Ha! Songza has been my go-to for carols this year. So many genres and lists to choose from!

9. Family pictures retake. Our first ones were a tad bit of a disaster and when we rebooked, we had forgotten that Kenny had a course that week, so it ended up being Tate and myself. Some mommy and baby photos. Waterworks would describe the shoot to a tee;) She got some cute ones though and I'm excited to see them. Some crying pictures are cute to have, right?!
This is what I wore for our shoot

10. Thanks to my nephew Adam for this adorable shot. T's bestest friend:

What are some of your thoughts this Thursday?
Fave Christmas songs?
Did you ever get to experience NYC at Christmas?

Thanks to Amanda for the fun link up! 


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