Monday, September 22, 2014

Two Weeks Left of 28 and Other Things

It is windyyy this am. We lost our power overnight, but thankfully it's back on and I was blissfully unaware that it went off. I may or may not be afraid of the dark ;) Thankfully Sadie kept me safe all night while Kenny worked.

Saturday morning started off at 9am with CPR recertification for my dental hygiene license. I loved my instructor, 2 hours and we were done. Whoop! Best class I've been to yet (not hard lol) He was so engaging, fun and knowledgable that he made it a really good class.

This weekend was just what I needed. Dan and Katie came up on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. Man I wish they lived closer. Laughing with them is one of my favourite things. Tate and little Miss V. hit it off, too!

Tate loved when Uncle Dan read him Hug Time:
This is hilarious and so true. White girls in yoga pants totally love all things pumpkin and fall. Haha! I am definitely included in this statistic. Thanks Leanne for sending this to me!
Oh, this kid. Love him to pieces. We went to Chapters and got him this little book with baby faces because he squeals with delight every-time he sees a picture of himself!
P.S Yes I know he needs a haircut:D lol!
How cute and maritime-like is this bottle of blueberry jam? I got it for placing 2nd in my age group at the Maritime Race Weekend last week. It's really yummy jam!
Since my race, I've done 2 5km stroller runs and a 9km run pain free, so I am feeling ready to jump into higher distances. Not 100% sure about my half in a few weeks because I've lost a lot of endurance and speed. Hopefully I can make it back!

Guys I have 2 weeks until I am 29! What the?! My last year in my 20's, I feel like I have to make this year the best one yet!

Boston this week!! Whoop, I'm excited to get away, even if it's not a far away vacation. I love Boston and get to see my sister and that's pretty fun!

How was your weekend?
Anything fun we should do in Boston?
Does your career require you to re-license every year? 
Does turning a certain age freak you right out?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Currently #2

I had fun doing a currently post, so here goes #2. I feel like I originally got the idea from Katie, so thanks girl!

I'm Currently:

drinking my last cup of pumpkin coffee.
watching Sadie sleep beside me. a lazy morning for the pup.
wishing I didn't kink my neck last night in my sleep
dreaming of being able to stay at home with Tate for a few years
saving for my vacation to Austria and Switzerland
indulging in a crazy cinnamon bun Kenny bought at the country market. Move over, cinnabon!
looking for cute fall clothes, for both Tate and I ;)
thinking that I am going to go for a run once Kenny gets home!
craving hmm, sushi! 
loving my little boy. such a mobile little monkey these days
looking forward to  NEEDTOBREATHE concert next Saturday!!!!! *Slightly excited*
wondering how little man is going to do on the drive to Boston. 
justifying a shopping spree in Boston for fall clothes ;)

Here's a song from NeedtoBreathe's new album:

Parents-travelling tips for a 10 hour drive. drive through the night?!
Which band have you wanted to see in concert for a long time?
What is on of your "currents"? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Training #9

Welcome to Tuesday Training #9! Join in and post whatever you like about your training. Take my sticker (above) and link up on the bottom!

This past week was another low mileage week. I think that was a smart move because my heel caused me zero pain yesterday! I really hope that this pesky injury is on its way out the door. Bye bye achilles!

Let's look back at last week's training:

The gym. I love my gym days, it gives me some "me time" and lets me workout which makes me happy. Not being able to run tends to make a bit on the crabby side;) I was only able to make it 2/3 gym days last week because well, life happens.

This is a recycled photo from my Thursday Thoughts post I believe. I highly recommend using the bosu ball because it engages your core. Why not make your workout a little more challenging?

I went to the gym right before they closed on Sunday and fit in a strength workout. I think I did my workout mostly on a bosu ball again, plus a couple of circuit machines and some abs.

On Monday I planned to do a little run, but I decided to give my heel one more day of rest and to see how it feels. I have one more Physiotherapy appointment covered and then that's it! Going 2-3 times per week will use up your $700 pretty quick ;)

In case you missed my recap from the race on Saturday. I did the 10km race and everything felt good, I just felt like I really pushed myself. I can't wait to get my endurance back and push myself again in a race and hopefully get the 10km time I am wanting:)
yup, recycled from yesterdays post! :)
How did your training go this week?
Are you nursing an injury?
BOSU ball fan?


Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap: My Brothers Full Marathon and a 10km Race

I had a piratey - that's totally a word, right? weekend. The Maritime Race Weekend took place on Friday and Saturday, it was so fun to see pirates running around and pirates at the finish line.

My brother ran his first full marathon, my cousin ran the 10km (and beat her PR by 4 whole freakin' minutes!!) and I ran the 10km as well and PR'd by 2 seconds;) That still counts, right?!
Pre-race photo:
Rachel snapped this photo of Mark and I at the start line. Super congested start, but we couldn't get any further ahead with the crowd. Next year I want to be a bit earlier so I won't get caught in the crowd. 

Can I just brag about my brother for one second?! About this time last year he ran his first ever run over 5km, and now he is a marathoner. Crazy, right? He picked a pretty challenging course for his first marathon and finished strong. As my sister said after she saw his finishing video "he seems like whatev, I just ran 26 miles" ...most people are like dying " 
 Rachel, Leah,Tate and I cheered him into the finish

(He doesn't know this yet, but I want him to recap his experience on my blog)

So, post baby race. Supposed to be my 1:42 half marathon race, but ended up being a 10km race thanks to my lovely achilles injury. *I just want to say that I am very thankful that I am healthy and able to run. Seeing people who are not as lucky reminds me to not take it for granted and to stop whining about an injury*

After going to Physiotherapy 2-3 times per week, my heel is starting to improve, but after almost 6 weeks of little to no running, I knew I was no longer conditioned to run a good half. There's no sense in running it if I am going to be struggling and hating every second, so the 10km was a good choice for me. I really, really, really wanted to PR with a 48:XX because I did a 48 minute 10km one month ago. 

I ran guts out after about half way and came in 49:02!! I was kind of upset because I was so darn close to 48:59, but I PR'd by 2 seconds ;) and was second in my age category, so I am happy with that. 

The 10km course is nice and flat except for one big hill at the beginning. It's mostly along the shore in Eastern Passage and I loved running along the ocean. It seemed like a long 10km route if that makes any sense because we take a left after Caldwell Road and go out by ourselves for a while then turn around. It is definitely a beautiful route and very Maritime like! I did the half two years ago and it was also a total blast! 

Can I also give another shout out here to my friend Courteney?! She ran the 10k while guiding a visually impaired friend. I saw her running and was reminded of Courteney's big heart. 

Tate had a chance to wear my medal ;) 

Sunday included Church, a long nap, a gym trip, a free pumpkin spice latte and a few episodes of The Good Wife. Do I even need to tell you what show we watch anymore?! lol! 

Anything interesting happen over the weekend?
Leave some comment love! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #32 of 2014

Hey guys! I'm joining up with Amanda today for another Thinking Out Loud link up. Thanks, Amanda! 

1. NYC has been calling my name the past few days. One of my friends is there as we speak and  Kara Goucher is IG'ing about her time there during fashion week. We said we would skip it this time because of Tate, but I'm starting to get the urge to go ;) The Tennenbaums (people I nannied for) haven't met him yet either...and then there's Katz deli, and the list goes on ;) Oh NY, I love you!
visiting with the Tennenbaum's last Fall
2. We're carless today because Kenny's car had to get towed yesterday. I don't mind a day here and there of staying at home. I was supposed to pick up a bunch of race kits this afternoon across the bridge though, but thankfully Heather said she could do it. Thanks, girl! 

3. I know I've said it before about how much little man loves Sadie, but here's a picture of it:
 Just look at that little face:)
4. The mornings and evenings around here are crisp and I love it. Fall is definitely where it's at. Have you guys seen what it is doing in Western Canada?!?! Seriously, it makes me want to cry. September and snow should never be in the same sentence, IMO!

5. You could say I was "carb loading for my 10km" yesterday haha! My belly has been unsettled and toast has been a big comfort. It's kind of a freeing feeling knowing that I am technically still in the half until Saturday morning and it's up to me to go to the Atlantic Chip people to get it switched to the 10km. I think I have made up my choice though and am going to give my achilles a few more weeks to heal up. I realllllly am hoping for a good solid race in October, though!!

6. I made chilli yesterday and then poured corn bread on top and cooked it up. Mmmm, two of my favourite foods in one dish. Winter dishes are so comforting, welcome back chilli ;) 

7. isn't this neat? I love listening to the leaves dancing!
What are some of your Thursday Thoughts?
Fave winter food?


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