Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #30 of 2014

Hi! I haven't blogged since last Thursday, so we'll jump right into a Thursday Thoughts post. Hope you guys had a good week, I haven't even been reading my favourite blogs either. I kinda unplugged for the week and it felt really good!

Thanks Amanda for the link up! 

  • My nephew is in town now!  

  • 7 Months old!! He's such a busy and awesome little guy. He does the crab crawl a lot and this is how our monthly photo shoot ended up;)
  • Sadie had it made in the shade while my family was here. Her and Raphael Landon played non stop and she slept for almost the entire day after they left. She loves company. 
  • Speaking of Raphael...
  • I loved seeing Tate get to hang out with my parents. Here he is with my Mom:
  • Girls night this Sunday night. The lake, pizza, movie and wine. I'd say it's about time I go to a girls night! :D
  • The City Harmonic is coming to our city in October and tickets are dirt cheap. We bought 3 (one for Adam) I am SO excited and it's at a Church so it will be a small concert. 
  • Physio. My achilles is much better and has been taped all week. I am allowed to run for 10 minutes today;) and am not recommended to run my long run this weekend. I am not so sure if I will have a PR at this race now because I've not been running for 2.5 weeks. There is another fall race though in October and I will not be including hills for that training ;) 
  • There is something about local fresh carrots. I loved these purple carrots that I got from the market last Saturday. How pretty are they?!
  • We have an almost-crawler on our hands. I think any day now he will be crawling because he is almost there. Sadie, watch out! ;)
making his way over to Sadie
What are some of your Thursday Thoughts?
Fave market food?
What does a girls night need to include for you? (or a guys night :) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #29 of 2014

This week sure is flying by! I work this evening rather than Monday so today kind of feels like a Monday. Weird! Thursday Thoughts, shall we?! I'm linking up with Amanda today!

  • The Good Wife. It just keeps getting better and better. I like having a show that both Kenny and I watch... in just a few short weeks our other show (Homeland) starts up again!!
  • I scored a sweet deal on Quest bars yesterday. I had a groupon for $15 for $30 and then they were $5 off! Score! I chose a mix n match option over a whole box of one flavour. My smoothies  are not going to know what hit them with PB2;)

  • In 3 days Tate will be 7 months old. Seriously blows my mind how fast time is going by! Look at those cute chubby hands! 

  • I'm ordered to not run for this week as well because I have Achilles tendonitis. Boo urns! She said I got it before it got too bad so that's good ;) The culprit was doing steep hills for training. My community has some steep hills! On my first visit to Physio, I had ultrasound and electro treatment done and got all taped up :) Thanks to Heather for sending me this link about achilles tendonitis :) 
  • Sunflowers. They are so pretty, right?
  • My nephew from CT is coming up this weekend to start University. Gahh, I am so excited he's moving here!! 
  • I am reminiscing about my last long run. Sigh :P 
  • Gahh, this kid! Chloe sent me the edited pics from his 3 month shoot and I of course love them all. She is amazing at capturing the little things. Thanks, girl! xo

I'll leave you with all those photos;) Thanks for stopping by this morning! Leave some love in the comments;) 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Training #8

Well, this is kind of ironic. I am hosting Tuesday Training, but you may notice that my days are nearly empty of exercise;)

I mentioned earlier that I have an achilles tendon injury and am trying to nurse it back to health before I leap back into my training. Injuries really suck! You're working so hard towards a goal and BAM, you're hurt. Being away for a week and away from my gym had left me with a shall we say, relaxing week ;)

You can say I am more than ready to start my training again after an entire week of no running. Thank goodness for weight training though! I went to the gym bright and early this morning for a good strength training workout and my legs felt like jelly after all the squats and lunges!

I thought you'd appreciate my ghetto presentation of my exercises on the back of a receipt ;)

Here is a nice printed version for you. 

When I got home I made a protein shake which was chocolatey and delicious. Mmmm.

This is my second week of doing a link up so it's fairly new:) Feel free to link up for Tuesday Training to talk about anything exercise and training wise!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wknd Recap: Back Home and a Date Night

Hope you guys all had a good weekend! I got home on Friday evening from my old home, I still have unpacking and laundry to do from my week away. I either tackle that as soon as I get home from a trip, or it sits there for like 1.5 weeks. There's no happy medium with post-trip unpacking for me ha!

Well, still no running for me! :( I feel like I could run with my achilles like this, but I'm so scared I'll damage it further. Upon my google researching of achilles injuries, I'm now scared of the worst case scenarios with that injury. Google, you did it again! :) My physiotherapist couldn't get me in until Tuesday so it'll be a full week of no running. Hopefully my body wanted a rest?! lol! *Insert panic considering my half marathon is in less than a month*

Here's a picture of Cabot Links I took while I was home. Cape Breton is so beautiful!

Saturday- Iris, Marilu and their friend were here for Friday night so we hung around in the morning and ate breakfast. They had a full day of shopping so I opted out of that ;) I laid low with little T as we were heading out for date night later that evening. I try to keep his days as normal and close to routine as possible if he's going to be babysat, going somewhere, etc. just to try to keep him happy and on schedule.

We were back and forth on restaurants that we wanted to go to. This was technically still our Anniversary dinner date since we didn't really get out for a real date for our 7th. We ended up going to a restaurant called Cut. The food was delicious. Kenny got a steak (best steak in the world he said) and I got a cornish hen. C'mon, you get poultry when you go to a steakhouse too, right?! We each started with a salad and for sides we got asparagus and a double stuffed baked potato. For dessert we got Menchies:)

Dinner was followed by another episode of Good Wife. Do you watch that?!

Sunday we laid pretty low. T and I went to Church in the am and relaxed for the rest of the day. My neighbor and friend Sam rescued my day by letting me use some of her KT Tape and making me a (delish) loaf of banana bread. Thanks, Sam!

This is how I walked in on Tate yesterday morning:)

Hope you had a good weekend! 
What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever been to Cape Breton?
KT Tape- are you a believer?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts # 28 of 2014

Thursday Thoughts here we come. I'm linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks Amanda for the link-up!

  • Thanks to Jill for nominating me a Very Inspiring Blogger award. It means a lot being nominated by Jill for an award! 

  • I have an achilles tendon injury. Seriously. It totally sucks, I have skipped 3 runs so far this week and have iced it every day this week in trying to heal it up. I am hoping and praying it goes away soon so I can continue training and run my half next month! 
  • 7/11 grandkids were together for a few days. We got a picture of them together and it was quite the ordeal trying to get it done ha!
  • My nephews price list for his chores. lol! 
  • 50 Ways to Take a Break:
I really can't find the source where I got this, but it was from Pinterest!
  • I booked family pictures for us in October. We booked a mini session with a good photographer and I was in such a rush trying to fill out the form because there are only a limited number of spots open and on certain days. I was so panicky during the procedure lol! A mini session is about all I'll want for a little 9 month old baby ;) 
  • Speaking of family photos- I'm now all over baby fashion pins trying to get some inspiration for T's outfit
  • I love being home for a few days and being with my family!

  • Fingers crossed for a healed achilles tendon! Boo to injury! 
What are some of your Thursday Thoughts?
Have you experienced an injury lately? My brother and I are both dealing with injuries!
How do you take a break?


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