Friday, April 18, 2014

Arms Circuit, Too Many Burpees and The Park

To start off Easter weekend, here's an upper body workout for you. It had my arms burning so I was happy. The gym was packed so I escaped to the yoga room upstairs and set up shop. Other people must have felt the same way because there was 4 of us in the studio doing our own thing! 

After my arm circuit I decided to do a mini HIIT workout to finish it off. I planned on doing 30 seconds of burpees, 10 seconds  rest,  30 seconds of planks, etc., but I found it way too much so I changed my mind and only did 2 planks. Let me tell you, I was sweating bombs through this one. It is really a challenge when you only have 10 seconds of rest between burpees!

Yesterday we went down to the Park downtown. We met our neighbour who has Sadie's brother and took them to the off leash part of the park. It's so cute seeing them run off leash together, that's when  she is totally in her element. 

Can you #findsadie ? Yup, I totally stole Andrew Knapp's #findmomo IG hashtag ;)
I recommend following him on Instagram!
 The ball is their life.

 Tate and his cousin Breton on facetime :)
 Check out my mohawk, guys!

We went to Nathan and Chloe's last night, and somebody (above photo) cried the entire evening. We may or may not have woken him from a good sleep to get photos. Whoops.

Today we're headed to our friends house for lunch! Hope you have an awesome Easter weekend!

What are your Easter plans?
Who do you recommend following on Instagram?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts 04/17/14

How is it Thursday already? I swear that my weeks go by way faster now compared to when I was working. Ok, so here's my TT's for this week. Leave me some of yours in the comment box! I'm all about hearing random facts. 

  • I had such a good time with my sister and her family. Their schedule filled up wicked fast, but I made sure to tag along with them for most of it ;) I used to spend my summers with Gord and Mo, and some of my best memories are from those summers. Love them! 
  • We went to Peggy's Cove. If you're unfamiliar with PC, it's a Canadian landmark and tourist spot about 45 minutes from our place. It's a lighthouse with giant rocks all around it. Pretty cool! We have only ever gone on sunny days, so seeing it in the fog was a new experience for me.  
  • My friend Heather is running Boston this coming Monday. Go Heather!! 
  • I had to make sure that Gord and Mo got to try TIBS croissants. We used to frequent this hipster coffee shop for their croissants and chocolate chip cookies, but we live pretty far from it now. I picked up an apricot sweet cream cheese croissant as well as an almond croissant. So delicious and buttery. Did I mention buttery? Ha! 
  • Tate discovered his hands a few days ago and then just yesterday he discovered his toes. It was the cutest- he just stared at them in amazement. (P.S We think this is what he did, we are new parents haha!)
  • My nephews discovered a tick on Sadie :/ Landon is a pro at removing them and takes it pretty seriously:) For some reason, I react the same way to ticks as I do to mice. Why am I so afraid of small moving things? Apparently I have musophobia. Notice no photo for this point? Yeah. 
  • I snuck away for a little run yesterday. Tate was fussy when I left (he was fed, don't worry) so I knew I didn't want to go for a long run. I ran 2.5 km out on the trail and back. It was so nice running on the trail again now that the snow and ice is gone. I got drenched and saw Sam on the way back from her run:) You'll notice in the photo below that even my mascara went for a run ;)
  • Sesame oil. I have been obsessed with cooking with it. I think I like any recipe that uses it. 
  • Tummy time for Tate
Oh, hey there Mom!
Tell me something about your week.
Any tourist attractions near where you live?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Guests from Afar and a Tabata Workout

I've been absent from my blog for the past while. To be honest, I really couldn't think of anything to write. My white screen in blogger just kind of stared at me, so I just didn't write anything. So I'm back:) 

Gord, Mo and their kids (really all teenagers and one kid ha) are here for a few days. I love seeing the kids with Tate, it's so cute. It's pretty crazy though that Adam is here to sign papers for his apartment and look around the Dal campus. I am ridiculously excited that he'll be living here. 

Mo and Tate:
 Landon and Tate are pretty good buddies:
 Dave, Maura + T:
 Maura and T: Isn't she pretty? :)
 Haha. Maggie demanded a massage and then decided to camp out with Maura:
 This chubby cheeked guy is 11 weeks old today!

This morning I did a home kitchen workout so I could get some exercise in, but be able to hear Tate if he woke up. I brought some  weights up from the basement and got to work on my yoga mat. After a good and sweaty tabata workout, I did 8 minute abs off youtube. Microwave protein muffins made a comeback this morning. Mmm- coconut flour, eggs and protein powder were the main ingredients. I may or may not have put a few chocolate chips in it;) 

What did you do this weekend?
Your favourite way to refuel after a workout? 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Time Tabata and Sprint Workouts

Happy Hump Day! 

Yesterday I was able to go to the gym! My workouts have mostly been here at home using weights, 8-minute abs and runs/walks. Needless to say, I was happy to get some me time (even though I missed my little baby haha!) and go to the gym for a real workout.  

I've been excited for a while now to get back to box jumps and more plyometric type workouts. I find they work the best for me. I combined a few different exercises for a tabata workout and made up a treadmill sprint routine as I went along. 

I am bad though because I totally forgot my water bottle. Yeah. I made several trips to the water fountain. Lesson learned. 

My legs are a bit sore today (the good-workout sore that I love) so if you want to feel a little burn, try these workouts:) Feel free to pin them for later use as well!  

What's your favourite type of workout? 
Do you do sprints for speed work? 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Multitude Monday 04/07/14

It's been ages since a Multitude Monday was on the blog, so I'm bringing it back today. Think of some yourself, it really helps with a case of the Monday Blues.

Giveaway Winner for the Anointment Baby Skin Care Package is Katie from Polkadot Soup!!
Thanks to RandomPicker for choosing a winner!
  • Rain. Yup, rain. Want to know why? It's going to melt all of our snow, and that is awesome. It gets in the way of having a nice Saturday, but gone. 
  • Freezer meals. Even better? Freezer meals made by a friend. They came in so handy over the last couple of weeks and I've been polishing off the carrot ginger soup she made us, too!
  • Sleep. The 3 nights last week when Tate slept through the night. I know he's only 2 months old, so routine isn't a thing yet, but that would be seriously awesome if that kept happening. No complaints there! 
  • Family that lives close by.
with Chloe and Nate

with his Grandad
  • Instagram. I definitely use IG way more than Facebook. I love IG for the motivation it gives me. If you follow active people on IG, then you'll find yourself getting off your butt and going to work out yourself. It's great! 

  • Antibiotics. Kenny has been sick for almost a month. Finally he went to the Doctor (again) on Saturday and it turns out it was a sinus infection all along. Poor guy! Hopefully the AB's kick it in the butt, because he's been feeling pretty miserable! 
  • Songza. Love blasting my favourite playlists. 
  • Babies. My SIL (Beth) and one of my besties (Katie) are due in just a few weeks. I'm very, very excited! 
  • Race swag. Check out these seriously awesome medals for the half marathon I'm doing in September (it's a snap shot from a video the race director put on fb to announce the medals)

  • Tate :) You knew he'd make a spot on here, right?

I started reading him books. I know he can't understand them and all, but I enjoy doing it and a lot of people say to start it right away. I'm reading him the book Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell. It's such a cute book.

How was your weekend?
Any races planned?
Favourite book? 


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