Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #34 of 2014

Let's give it up for Amanda from Running With Spoons for hosting Thinking Out Loud over on her blog. Check her blog out because it is pretty awesome!

1. I'm thinking about the young Canadian soldier, Nathan Cirillo,  who lost his life yesterday in Ottawa due to a careless gunman. I'm praying for comfort for his family and friends.  

2. This morning was an early one. As in 3:58 early. Umm, yeah. Little man must be cutting teeth because he was up every hour and just not being himself. I gave him infant tylenol, fed him and we played with Sadie and some of his toys before putting him back to bed. He's been catching some much-needed zzz's while his mommy is depending on coffee.

3. Kenny's been working day shifts so I haven't been able to make it to the gym. That combined with rainy days makes me a little anxious ha! I'm going to try to make something work today in between his night shift!

I like these rules:

4. My little man is going to be nine months tomorrow. Crazy, right? Time for another one haha! I can't even believe how fun he is and I think he's just going to keep getting more fun!

5. Speaking of him and since it's Thursday. Let's do a nine month tbt ;) Here he is at 2 weeks old.

6. So you know you're a mom when you get super excited that baby food pouches are on for $1.00

7. My friend Courteney is hosting her inaugural race this weekend! A 5km along our local trail. I'm super excited for it. What makes it even more exciting? It's not timed! This is good news for an injured runner ;)

8. Sorry for the dental hygiene humor, but this is so funny to me. I always notice in movies or on t.v how people brush their teeth at turbo speeds (i.e Carrie in Homeland) Here's a good tutorial for y'all ;)
P.S My teeth feel SO clean after my hygiene appt. yesterday. Funny how much cleaner they feel after a real cleaning than when I just pick at them at work ha!

9. T loves seeing himself on the camera or even pictures of little kids. This makes for good selfies ha!

10. Coffee because, well 3:58am is an early start.

What are some of your Thursday Thoughts?
How many gym days/exercise days do you typically have a week?
Are you a turbo speed brusher? tsk tsk ha! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bad Blogger Award Goes To...


If you're reading this, thanks for sticking with me! ;) I've been pretty spotty with my posting lately, you can blame The Good Wife for that one. Ha! I'm getting established in season 4 now. It takes forever to get through a season because a. each episode is ~45:00 b. each season has 22 episodes and c. life is busy

Instead of blogging (which I promise to work harder at) this is what I've been up to:

  • drooling over Fabletics clothes. I ordered my first outfit and now I am hooked. If you are considering ordering some clothes, use my code and I'll get $10 towards ! Whoop Whoop!!
I want these pants next:
  • loving Body Pump again. For the past few months I've been avoiding any exercises like squats, lunges, burpees, etc. in hopes of getting my achilles to heal up (ha- see what I did there?) Running on the other hand continues to aggravate it, and me. 
  • Check out the hat head on this kid! haha!!

  • and so this happens now...

  • Supper was festive last night thanks to Pinterest!  Stuffed jack-o-lantern peppers! 
  • Tate woke up last night a little after Kenny got home from work and he was so excited to see his Daddy. I think the feelings were mutual ;) 
"Mom, that flash is a little bright!"
  • I'm off for a dental hygiene appointment now. Gahh, I've started to not like going to mine anymore in fear of developing cavities. Hope I have a clean record today;)
What's on your agenda today?
Are you binge watching any particular shows these days?
Have you been inspired by Pinterest lately?

Monday, October 20, 2014

30km Bike Ride, Birthday Cake and Just Hanging Out

Morning! Hope you all enjoyed a nice fall weekend. We had a pretty nice weekend, except for our family photos got cancelled due to super soggy grounds from the tail end of a Hurricane that came through Friday.  I hope the leaves are still on the trees next weekend for them! ;)

On Friday I got to have a short, but sweet visit with my dear friend Mandi. She moved far far away last year. It was so awesome to catch up with her and hang out with her kiddos! 
Friday was Nate's 30th! My birthday was 2 weeks ago, but Beth put my name on the cake too. Aww! My absolute favourite part of a DQ cake is that darn whipped cream icing. It's SO good. I may, or may not have eaten the remaining icing. :)
 On Saturday T and I went for a little walk before his bed time. I picked a park that I know lots of dogs frequent. This kid loves dogs. He was literally trying to climb out of his ergo carrier to get to them and he was yelling at them. Ha! 
 This is his focused on a dog face;)
On Sunday Sam, Courteney, Heather and I went on a 30km bike ride to a local coffee shop The Bike and Bean
Coconut curry soup and a banana chocolate chip muffin

After the bike ride I went to the gym for a little strength workout. When you only have 3 specific gym days a week, you tend to use them! 

Just a quick recap this am. I have a big to-do list today before I head off to work. 
What did you do this weekend?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

What a weekend! It was Thanksgiving here in Canada and it was an eventful one! I was determined to plunk Tate right into all the fall festivities, even if they all happened in one weekend;)

Friday we went to the Valley (Wolfville) for apple picking and lunch at Luckett's Vineyard. Our first stop was at the pumpkin patch, it was super chilly out, but sunny. I loved wearing Tate's new toque;)
Posing with some hay bale minions

Tate and his little cousin, she's only 3 months younger. Tate says that even though he's a lot smaller than her, he'll protect her ha! ;)
he was loving the apples!

a sleepy little eye
 Beth, Chloe and I

Friday night we went to a Christian concert with Adam. Have you heard of City Harmonic? They are one of my favourites, especially the song "The Holy Wedding". Seriously go and listen to it. They were great live, the lead singer has an incredible voice. The actual concert was a little long because they devoted a lot of time to their sponsor. I appreciate their sponsor and what they do, but ya know.

On Saturday we went to the Fall Fair, a tradition in the O'Brien kids family. We watched the dog show, got some food and checked out the animals. Then it was nap time...he was asleep pretty much by the time we left the parking lot!

Mmm, a loaded baked potato. The fall fair is clearly the only time time I spend $5.25 on a potato        (cha-ching!)
Sorry Tate, that pumpkin pie is only for your Daddy!
Monday was Thanksgiving dinner day! My favourite:) My nephew Adam came down with us for dinner as well. I had a picture of him, but my phone got cleared this morning. :/

After dinner, it was time for family photos by the lovely Nate + Chloe. Clearly I am stealing them for this post. 'duh! 

 going in for the leaf...
 Tate thought it would be a good idea to cry and ruin the cousin photo! ha! 

2014 was obviously a big year for us. I always like to say what I am thankful for this year and here's a tiny little list:
Tate, Kenny, our health, being able to stay home with Tate for the year, our families (and seeing them a lot this year) and our awesome Church family.

Canadians- How did you spend Thanksgiving weekend?
Does your city have a fall fair? What's your must-have treat from it?

Friday, October 10, 2014

I Guess I am a Pumpkin Loving White Girl

When I was at Trader Joes a couple of weeks ago I guess I had thrown a few pumpkin flavoured items into my basket because the cashier said "stocking up on pumpkin stuff, are ya?" ha! Yup. The one item I left without was their pumpkin pancake/waffle mix because they only had their gluten free mix.

Ramona and I unanimously agreed that the gluten free mix had to stay on the shelf. The cashier then told us it was way better than the regular one. I dunno, the first ingredient was rice flour. Have you guys tried it?!

So yeah, I am a fall loving white girl. I can't deny that one. Every fall I do up a little bucket list and every year it's pretty much the same things on it ;) I guess I know what I love to do in the fall, eh?

Today we're heading to the Valley to go to Lucketts wine tasting for Nate's birthday and then something else after that. The Valley in the fall is my fave. That's where the half marathon that I'm supposed to be running this weekend is (insert sad face with lots of tears flowing down) Sigh. Ok, enough moping.
Beth, Chloe and I apple picking last year

I love that my little boy is coming along to take part in some fall activities with us. He is going to be forced into loving fall with parents like Kenny and I ;)
25 Weeks pregnant and my birthday! :D
I bet you're dying to know what's on my bucket list? Well, I won't keep you wondering any longer ;)
As you can see I already purchased some mums and got our 3 pumpkins. How precious is Tate's little tiny pumpkin?! Ahem, it's totally normal to think a pumpkin is cute, right?

Hope you guys have a great weekend and if you're Canadian, then HAPPY THANKSGIVING! If you're American, then I'll eat some turkey and pumpkin pie for you;)

What's your absolute favourite thing about fall?
What is your favourite season? 


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