Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #23 of 2014

Happy Mini-Friday, friends! Hope you're in the mood for some Thursday Thoughts?!

  • My baby is 6 months old today!! While I was putting in my pampers points last night, the age indicator moved from newborn to baby. :( Nothing to be sad about though because he gets more and more fun everyday. Like recently he started looking at me and "waving", I don't think he gets what it means, but it's freakin adorable. 
  • On my run yesterday I ended up having a running partner! Totally random, right?! It was fun to run with someone for half of my run, though. He was an older gentleman and only started running when he was 50. 
  • Have you ever packed everything up and gone to the beach for 3 minutes? Yeah, that was us yesterday. It was boiling hot at our house and at the coast it was cold and windy. For crying out loud, people had sweaters on. Gahh, time for a vacation somewhere warm! 

  • Instead we stopped at a lake on the way home and had a beach-food picnic and Sadie swam in the lake. P.S Someone (Baby T) loved the lake yesterday!! 

  • I need some advice- would you guys go to The Outer Banks or Hilton Head for vacation?!
  • Cuddles!! xo

  • Tomorrow night we're having a couple of friends over for games, ice cream sundaes and a bonfire. Talk about good fuel for my long run on Saturday, eh?
Those are my Thursday Thoughts for the week. I'm linking up with Amanda today for her Thinking Out Loud Post

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Training #6

Week 6 is in the books, err, the computer. This training schedule is flying by and I'm loving following a program. Otherwise I take a lot of rest days and there's really no rhyme or reason to my workouts, except for the long run of course!

If you follow me on Daily Mile, I have to apologize because I always forget to update until my week end comes to my e-mail and then I pile all my workouts in at once. I guess the plus side is I look like a super keener when I post them all at once. Ha!

Another reason I need to keep up all this exercising? Because I recently purchased Oreo Birthday Cake ice cream and it's freakin' amazing. Y'all should go and try it now.

Now that I've forced you to join me in my ice cream binging, let's get to my training for last week. Meh, this week had an extra unplanned rest day. I got to spend it with my awesome family instead though, and I'd take that any day!

Body Flow + Strength Training
Heather and I did arms at the gym and then I took the Body Flow class (my fave) which incorporates yoga, tai chi, stretching and core work. Heather has insane arms, so it was a pleasure to have her show me some moves:)

Rest Day. 
Usually my rest days are active rest days and include a couple of long walks with Sadie, just nothing too crazy!

5 km Stroller Run in the Rain
5:29 per km or 8:50 per mile

Strength Workout Outside
A really quickly thrown together workout I did outside in my backyard. It included squats, lunges, burpees and various arm exercises. One of those various arm exercises was ball throwing. 

6km Stroller Run
5:18 per km or 8:30 per mile. 
Whew. Stroller running makes any short run way harder. I love being able to make my run a little bit tougher. Heading up some good hills with the stroller sure makes me sweat!
Instagram Repeat:)
Rest Day. 
We walked to the lake and went for a little swim

1.5 Hour Long Run!
17 km
5:18 per km pace  or  8:30 per mile pace

I had to put my long run off from Saturday until Monday. I played with Tate for a while in the am, fed him and left for my run by 6:20am. Tate must know that I like to get my long runs done early in the am ;)

This run felt good, I went a little bit slower than my long run last week. I went on a combination of the main road and the running trail. 

It feels weird to call 17km a long run, when my marathon friends are doing 25km+ for their training. I kind of miss those really long runs, but I gotta say, it's nice to have my long runs under 20km for now. I know that in a few months I will be wanting to start training for a full again. 

If we're Instagram friends, then you probably have seen this photo as well;) 

...and that concludes my last week's training. I missed my tempo run this week, so that kind of stinks! I have a 45:00 one this week though so I will be sure to get that one in! I better go add all my workouts to Daily Mile so you think I run 5 times in one day;) 

Thanks for stopping by! 
What's your favourite type of run? Tempo? Long? Short? 
I am beginning to love tempo runs!
Do you use a photo collage app? 
I use the Beautiful Mess app. Two really fun bloggers created it and it's super cute, although not 100% user friendly.
Do you make stretching a priority?
I definitely don't, but need to!! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: Cape Breton, Walk to the Lake and a Stroller Run

This weekend recap actually goes from Thursday to Sunday. I took a quick trip to Cape Breton on Thursday so we'll combine it all because I didn't do a Friday post. Hope your weekend was good, it was a beauty of one around here!

This little monkey loves banana. Avocado? Not so much.

Being home was awesome. It was super short, but I got a lot of visiting in, got to spend a little bit of time in my Dad + Mom's house and of course got to eat Iris' amazing food.

Dad took Tate and showed him around:)
 One of my closest friends, Katie and her little doll Violet.
 Us four grew up together. Now we all have babies!
 I love Uncle Freddy: 
 Breton the cutie. Safe to say he loved his oatmeal.
 Iris treated us to arepas filled with black beans. Pretty sure I ate my weight in arepas that day. Good thing my long run is today;)
 More Grampy + Tate time:
A few stroller runs took place. One was in the rain, which was really refreshing. My stroller has a really good hood on it, so Mr. T stayed nice and dry. I did not haha! I tackled 5km and finished on a good hill!

On Sunday we walked with Sadie to the Lake close to our house. I put T's swimsuit on him thinking he'd love the water. Wellll, apparently he is pretty picky with the temperature of his water. I swam and it was an awesome temp, but not to a little baby. He was happy once he got back out and he just chilled in his stroller. P.S.Are we instagram friends?!

 I swam with Sadie instead;)

Some Daddy + Tate time:
Today I have my long run. It was supposed to be on Saturday, but I had to do some re-arranging on my schedule. I'm hoping to get out nice and early to beat the heat.

What did you do this weekend?
Lake or ocean person?
Ever try arepas? (Spanish Food)
Did you run this weekend? How far?!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts #22 of 2014

Morning guys! Hope you are all enjoying this muggy + rainy week;) Time for some Thursday Thoughts, even if it's a short post with just a couple of pics. As always, leave me some of your own Thursday Thoughts in the comments!

  • Tuesday=gym day and I worked out with Heather! We had been trying to plan a gym date for some time and it finally worked out. ( I am leaving that pun there because it was just too perfect.) After an arm workout, I went upstairs for the Body Flow class and Heather went home because she had a 50 mile run or something to do ;) We shamelessly took a selfie because duh, that's what bloggers do!
  • I saw Brad Marchand (Boston Bruins player) yesterday at Chapters. He came out of an aisle right in front of me and moved out of the way for Tate and I. Cool, right?! Even though I am more of a Crosby fan (they're both from here) I was a bit starstruck. I texted my nephew Adam and my sister Ramona (huge Marchand fans) and told them. 
  • So I definitely took a rest day yesterday (was supposed to be today) because I was exhausted. I repeat, exhausted. I napped for a few hours and still was tired and the thought of doing a tempo run made me even more tired. Sooo, a little bit of switching on the schedule and it's all fine. 
  • If you shop at Target, be sure to do their short little survey they have on the bottom of their receipt. I did it this morning and won a $25 gift card! Whoop!
  • Little T's day is made in the shade if Sadie pays some attention to him. This morning she kept dropping the ball to him and I captured his excitement on camera. 

...And that concludes my thoughts for this week;) Sorry for the not-so-great quality photos today! Thanks for stopping by:) 

Do you love Target?
Do you ever see "celebrities"?
Thursday Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

While Tate and Sadie slept this morning, I sipped on my cup of coffee and wasted spent time on Pinterest. Man, I love Pinterest. I often wonder where I went for daily life hacks, recipes, workouts and numerous other necessities before it ;)

I came across this fun list of 50 Healthy Habits every girl should have. I read through them and wanted to share my favourites with you. Sometimes a little reminder of simple habits is what I need to "restart". Here are the top ten... according to yours truly ;)

The last one floss before brushing actually said after brushing. Take it from your dental hygienist friend that it's much better to floss before brushing;) And since we're on the topic of flossing, I highly recommend the GUM Expanding floss. It's honestly (in my opinion) the most effective floss out there. :) Oh, and floss every day, but you already do that, right?! ;)

One healthy habit that wasn't on the list and I find it helps is to hang out with your pet. Petting my dog and cat and just playing with them always cheers me up!
...even when they bite your newly planted tree in half. Yup. 

What are some of your healthy habits?
What is your favourite one from the list?
Is your dog as bad as Sadie? :P 


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