Tuesday, May 8, 2012

sunny side up

Mornin'! I decided to bring back a multitude post because I've been a little stressed lately about career stuff such as passing the board exam and finding a job. I'll even take a part-time job at Starbucks. No really, I applied again:) Now that I think I about it, I kind of liked making custom lattes...
proof I worked there. Katie came to visit me one time
and a photo op. popped up!
Doing a multitude post really helps to put things into perspective for me and helps me realize I have it pretty good. Sometimes we just need a little reminder. My pals Katie and Mandi do multitude posts as well! 

Here's mine:
  • this picture! Gord (brother in law) my sister Ashley and myself. Just look at the size of my watch and life jacket! Wait, my t-shirt is also giant-sized.
  • having the best little study buddy ever. She's been a faithful study pal for 2 years now
  • Seeing my family in the next few weeks, I haven't seen Mom & Dad since October! 
  • free 7 day gym pass, which means new classes. Yoga was yesterday and it was awesome!
  • Having enough Aeroplan points to go to California. Hmmmm, a trip in our future??
  • Kenny's 30th (!) birthday celebration this weekend. Pound cake coming up...

  • Having massage covered with insurance. They are heavenly, especially when you have crazed and maddened hamstrings!

  • Matt Redman and Phil Wickham songs!

  • living by the ocean! sometimes I forget how much fun it is to just go hang out by the ocean

What are some of your sunny-side-up's?
Do you live by the ocean or in land? 


  1. Love your multitude posts... think you've inspired me to do one today as well as my blog has been pretty dead lately and it will help on this rainy grey day!

    I'm glad you don't take your ocean for granted.... oh how I miss it!!! :)

    1. Yay, I really love doing them and I enjoy reading Mandi & Katie's. I'm checking yours out now:)



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