Thursday, April 26, 2012

nyc marathon

After I studied for a few hours yesterday for my board exam, I tuned into NYRR online to watch the marathon opening day festivities. 

As you probably now, I applied for this year's NYC Marathon. This is on my bucket list, it's a top must-do for me because New York is very special to me and running a marathon through the greatest city in the world would be amazing! 

One thing, the entry for this marathon is lottery (as you probably know!) so only 40,000 people get picked randomly for each year. You can have a guaranteed entry if you join a charity and I'd need to look into that more, but that seems like a great option!

Well, it turns out I was not accepted for this year's marathon, but that's ok! I'm going to be honest, I am really sad because I just had a feeling I'd get in, but there is always other chances to get chosen in the next few years. The rule of thumb is if you don't get accepted for 3 consecutive years, then you have an automatic acceptance...

Even though I am a little down about not getting in, I have to remember I am running my first full marathon in June and it's going to be awesome. It is no NYC, in fact it's a small town an hour and a half away from here, but I have a feeling I'll have a blast. The course is a ~10km loop four times. I think this is good because you get familiar with the route, the hills, the flat stretches, ya know? A plus? This town has a fabulous greasy breakfast restaurant and I sure do love a greasy breakfast!
Imagine running to the finish line in Central Park? Ok, I'm done dwelling on it. There are other chances for me to get in later on down the road. I have to remind myself that there's a reason for everything and maybe the timing and drive down would not have been ideal? 
So I'm going to so a mini-multitude post amidst all this sadness;)
  • having all day long to study for my board exam
  • adding mileage to my runs
  • finding a house we both love (dependant on inspection;) )
  • getting a happy postcard from Katelyn
  • scoring 2 extra tickets for my graduation
  • a sushi date planned for lunch today

...there, I feel better already!

Have you ever applied for the NYC Marathon? Accepted? Not accepted?
Have you ever ran a marathon that has the same route in loops?


  1. Boooooo. Same boat here. Getting rejected this year was definitely more disheartening than last year. But we'll get in one of these times!!!

    I've never run a marathon in loops but I think I'd rather run a point to point or one big loop

  2. that does stink, but at least you applied last year so you will have a guaranteed spot in 2014! I got a little unlucky and missed the automatic in:P Maybe we'll get to run it the same year!

  3. Glad you got your postcard! It stinks about the marathon... but how cool is it that you get to run your first one in Nova Scotia? You're awesome. xo

  4. Too bad you missed out this year but you know what, it means I get to cheer you on when you cross the finish of your FIRST marathon!!!! :) You will get accepted to the NYC Marathon. I know you will and when you do, think how exciting it will be! :) Rach

    1. I'm super excited that you'll be there! Remember, brunch date after:)

  5. Sorry you didn't get in, its amazing how many people apply! You can always get entry to the NYCM through a charity if you want. If you raise a certain amount of money for them, you can get a bib. Just something to consider! (because I think they are phasing out the deal where you get guaranteed entry if you are denied 3 years in a row.)

    1. thank you, I was a little sad about it, but I knew going in that the odds are a little slim. I started looking into the charity option for next year, it's great to have that option!



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