Saturday, April 28, 2012

group run?

I had planned to go for a group run with people from Lululemon this morning, but I got there super early and I ended up going for my own run. They had 14 km planned so I planned that for myself too. 

Do you find there is a mental portion to running? For example, when I have a 25 km run planned I pump myself up for a few days before hand telling myself I can do it. Even if it's a 14 km run like today I still have myself pumped up for it as a 14 km run and that's that. Since I had planned to do a 14 km this morning I was sticking to it, because I wasn't pumping myself up for a 25+ km run. You do this too, right?! Just say yes;)

I was excited to go for this run because it's in the downtown and there is a great park at the end of the city that's quite popular with runners and dogs. You wouldn't believe all the adorable dogs I saw. You probably know I love seeing dogs out for walks because they always seem so happy and content. I saw one dog with about five sticks in his mouth, so cute. 

Derp. Good thing for so many dogs because I just saw this on the park's website-

This was great training for me because the half marathon next month goes through this park. It had a hill called Tower Kill Hill Road and it's a very steep incline (as far as running goes) and I did it four different times to get some hill training in. I was kind of proud because I didn't see another runner on it, only happy dogs and me;)  I incorporated steps into my run as well at the end of my run just because they were there. 
Tower Hill Rd., about half way down.
Darn it, it doesn't look evil in this picture.
I ended up doing the 14 km. It was certainly a quick run by any means, but I think the hill really slowed me down. I think hill training is important and it's bound to slow you down a bit.

I came back home and made the most delicious (Kenny approved!) protein pancakes. I'll share the recipe with you soon! 

Do you find hills difficult during training? 
Do you run with a dog? What kind? 


  1. I totally get myself all hyped up for a long run days before i actually do it. In my mind I have already done it and am congratulating myself on a job well done! lol Ohhh are there a lot of nasty hills through there, Heid?? I admit the unknown hills on that route make me a bit fearful. I will have to admit i don't really like hills but I know they are part of life soooo deal with it, right?! Rach

    1. there's really only that one really steep hill, the marathon route goes around that hill (thankfully)!



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